Wooden Front Doors, Interior Doors, Custom Designed Kitchens and more
When thinking of Integration in design of woodwork in a home or apartment interier, most often, naturally, one thinks of lintels or carpentry details integrated when constructing the house or building.
But, in fact, behind the concept of "carpentry work for home" which is so simple, seemingly, hides an entire design world.
A world, which, if you do not try to get to know it more closely and a little more deeply, you may miss some huge experience.

Wooden front doors – wooden interior doors

When we visit, for the first time somewhere, the first thing that greets us, is the front door.
It is obvious that the design of the front door, like other design elements in a home or apartment, is all about fashion or taste.
However, even in our world of design, influenced by trends and preferences, there are a number of things that are considered consensus, to those that are beyond time and taste, classic.
Wooden front doors are considered as such, and even wooden interior doors.

Wooden kitchens

Kitchens made of wood and also wood-like kitchens, until not many years ago, were used, mainly, in homes that looked to integrate village design, Wild West style, but much more delicate.
Today, wooden kitchens are considered the elegant classic, and in most homes or apartments they fit perfectly into any interrior style you choose.
You do not have to "love" wood, to enjoy a combination of a classic kitchen made of wood, in its natural wood colors, or when painted.

Custom complementary furniture

Here, too, the wood has something to "say," and it's good that way.
This is because, more than once, we crave some unique furniture item, which we do not
find in regular furniture stores. In fact, sometimes we may actually find like it, but then quite a few things may pop up that may make the furniture item less perfect for us – the size does not necessarily match the space available to us, we would prefer the furniture item as it directs and emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood ( Or, alternatively, painted in a color that matches the other shades in the room space), and so on.
In such cases, you have nothing to continue looking for the complementary furniture in the ready-made furniture stores, but to order it from a company that specializes in the production of custom complementary furniture.


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